Visual Thinking Strategies 
Using Art to Deepen Learning Across School Disciplines

Philip Yenawine's, VTS Co-founder, latest book explores how VTS can be easily and effectively integrated into elementary classroom lessons in just ten hours of a school year. The result is a learner-centered environment and rich, absorbing discussions. Now available for purchase

"To read Visual Thinking Strategies is to enter into a companionable and substantive conversation with a master teacher who has spent a lifetime noticing and caring about how children learn. Those grappling with the Common Core Standards will find Yenawine’s ideas timely; in fact, they are timeless." -Wendy Lukehart, Youth Collections Coordinator at the D.C. Public Library

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VTS & The Common Core Standards Video!

A ten minute video showing how VTS fits into the Common Core Standards. The complicated thinking processes that result from VTS feed children's language, laying a foundation for literacy and problem solving that span disciplines- just as CCSS asks. Not bad for a curriculum that in itself takes only ten hours a year!