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As the architects of Visual Thinking Strategies Training programs, we lead the field in VTS training in facilitation, coaching & image selection. The VTS Certification Program offers credentials, recognition and benefits to our ever-growing network of practitioners around the world. Certification is awarded to individuals that demonstrate the technique and presence of a skilled practitioner. VTS staff will analyze applications with rubrics developed to identify specific skills, knowledge, and choices that reflect the standards established by VTS. Certification provides credibility and quality-assurance of those providing VTS services.

Benefits of Certification

The benefits we offer our VTS Certified Community reflect their quality practices and high-level understanding of VTS methods. Benefits are available for 3 years of endorsement. Each level of Certification will receive a unique set of benefits.

All Certified practitioners will receive benefits that include:

  • Discounts on subscriptions, trainings, and materials
  • Documentation of VTS endorsement
  • Listing in VTS professional directory
  • VTS swag
  • Access to free VTS certified programming
  • Eligibility to moderate New York Times WGOITP Learning Blog

Who Is This For?

VTS Certification is designed to support and distinguish professionals who employ VTS methods in their work. VTS has an impact in a wide variety of settings. Credentials in VTS Certification ensure that work is executed with high-quality, VTS-trained practices. Some of the professionals that benefit from VTS Certification designation include:

  • School Community

    Classroom teachers, administrators, specialists, pre-service teachers, curriculum developers

  • Art Museums & Organizations

    Docents, art educators, curators, museum directors, art-lovers

  • Education-Based Museums & Institutions

    Educators and leaders at science centers, zoos, aquariums, gardens, arboretums

  • Community Organizations

    Youth workers, facilitators, educators, coaches, community service providers

Certification Designations

Choose the type of endorsement that works for you

  • Facilitator VTS seal


    Become a VTS Certified Facilitator

  • Coach VTS seal


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  • Trainer VTS seal


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