As the architects of Visual Thinking Strategies Training programs, we lead the field in VTS training in facilitation, coaching & image selection. The VTS Certification Program offers credentials, recognition and benefits to our ever-growing network of practitioners around the world. Certification is awarded to individuals that demonstrate the technique and presence of a skilled practitioner. VTS staff will analyze applications with rubrics developed to identify specific skills, knowledge, and choices that reflect the standards established by VTS. Certification provides credibility and quality-assurance of those providing VTS services.

Benefits of Certification

The benefits we offer our VTS Certified Community reflect their quality practices and high-level understanding of VTS methods. Benefits are available for 3 years of endorsement. Each level of Certification will receive a unique set of benefits.

All Certified practitioners will receive benefits that include:

Who Is This For?

VTS Certification is designed to support and distinguish professionals who employ VTS methods in their work. VTS has an impact in a wide variety of settings. Credentials in VTS Certification ensure that work is executed with high-quality, VTS-trained practices. Some of the professionals that benefit from VTS Certification designation include:

  • School Community

    Classroom teachers, administrators, specialists, pre-service teachers, curriculum developers

  • Art Museums & Organizations

    Docents, art educators, curators, museum directors, art-lovers

  • Education-Based Museums & Institutions

    Educators and leaders at science centers, zoos, aquariums, gardens, arboretums

  • Community Organizations

    Youth workers, facilitators, educators, coaches, community service providers

Certification Designations

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  • Coach VTS seal


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  • Trainer VTS seal


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