As the architects of Visual Thinking Strategies Training programs, we lead the field in VTS training in facilitation, coaching, training and curriculum development. The VTS Certification Program offers credentials, recognition and benefits to our ever-growing network of practitioners around the world.

VTS Certification is an assessment & endorsement process available only through Visual Thinking Strategies. Applicants can apply to have facilitation & coaching skills assessed by VTS experts.   Certification is available to VTS advanced practitioners. These are individuals who have been trained in and are practicing VTS.  Certification provides credibility and quality-assurance.  VTS Certification is not a training program.

Certification is awarded to individuals that demonstrate the technique and presence of a skilled practitioner. VTS staff will analyze applications with rubrics developed to identify specific skills, knowledge, and choices that reflect the standards established by VTS. 

Certification levels are sequential. Individuals seeking Certification as a VTS Coach must be a VTS Certified Facilitator.  Individuals seeking Certification as a VTS Trainer must have both their Facilitator and Coaching Certifications.

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Your VTS Journey

VTS programs train and prepare educators for practice, assessment, and certification in all levels of VTS. Every person's journey is unique, and your mastery of specific skills may vary. We are here to help.

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Who Is This For?

VTS Certification is designed to support and distinguish professionals who employ VTS methods in their work. VTS has an impact in a wide variety of settings. Credentials in VTS Certification ensure that work is executed with high-quality, VTS-trained practices. Some of the professionals that benefit from VTS Certification designation include:

  • School Community

    Classroom teachers, administrators, specialists, pre-service teachers, curriculum developers

  • Art Museums & Organizations

    Docents, art educators, curators, museum directors, art-lovers

  • Education-Based Museums & Institutions

    Educators and leaders at science centers, zoos, aquariums, gardens, arboretums

  • Community Organizations

    Youth workers, facilitators, educators, coaches, community service providers

Certification Designations

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