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VTS is much more than an art curriculum; as a facilitation method and professional development program that fosters collaborative, inclusive, community-building dialogue, VTS has the power to change the way we relate to one another as teachers, students, and colleagues. VTS is comprised of arts and education professionals that specialize in deep listening and responsive teaching practices; we are passionate about sharing what we have learned with others. For over 30 years, VTS has fostered reflective communities of practice in educational environments including classrooms, museums, and hospitals around the world. VTS is uniquely suited to support educators as they rise to meet the challenges and opportunities of a 21st century education.

Our Mission

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) transforms the way students think and learn. Based in theory and research, our program uses skilled facilitation of visual art discussions to significantly increase student engagement, performance, and enjoyment of learning.

We believe that rigorous discussion about visual art activates unique, transformational learning accessible to all.

As a team of student-centered educators we are dedicated to cultivating flexible, curious learners. We envision a culture where careful listening and engagement build a community of open-minded and thoughtful citizens.

  • To empower individuals to broaden their capacity to make meaning
  • To shift education practice to prioritize facilitation of learner experience
  • To connect the VTS network to foster collaboration and reflective practice

By the Numbers