Homepage banner- Central Image:  Artist:  Andreas Englund.  Title:  Bad Clementine. Medium: Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 59.1 x 33.9 in. VTS curriculum: Grade 6: Lesson 9: Image 1

Photographs on Homepage banner and throughout website:  Da Ping Luo. dapingluo.com

About page banner- Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn. Title: The Sampling-Officials of the Amsterdam Draper’s Guild (‘De Staalmeesters’).  Date: 1662. Medium: Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 75 1/2 x 110 in. Location: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  VTS curriculum: Grade 5: Lesson 7: Image 2

Research page banner- Artist: Jacob Lawrence. Title: The Libraries are Appreciated. Date: 1943. Medium: Gouache and watercolor on paper. Dimensions: 14 1/4 x 21 1/4 in. Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  VTS curriculum: Grade 3: Lesson 8: Image 3

Photograph for Aesthetic Thinking Workshop, Training page: Paola de Bruijn.