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VTS Group subscriptions provide access to various image sets and all other VTS teaching tools. Each group subscription supports up to 50 users. If you work at a VTS school, museum, or other institution, and a group subscription has been purchased by that institution, you may join the group by following these steps:

1. Create an account on the VTS site

Note: You can skip this step if you have already set yourself up as a user with a password.

If you need to set yourself up as a User, go to the My Account page and click either the “Sign Up” or “Sign up now” links to show the sign-up form. Enter your email address and a password containing both uppercase and lowercase letters, a number and a symbol, and submit the form.

After you have done this, you are a user but you are not yet a subscriber (that is, a person who has joined a group subscription).

2. To join the group: Get your group’s credentials from your administrator

To join a subscription, you’ll need the following: your group’s code (which should look something like “inst_1234”) and your group’s password (a string of numbers and letters). Your administrator will have received an email containing the code and the password. (By the way, an administrator can follow the instructions on “Managing Group Subscriptions” to recover the code and password.

3. Join the group

With your group’s code and password, log into the site, using your own username and password, which you created in Step 1 — and, on My Account page, click “Redeem Group Subscription” to bring up the form where you’ll enter the group code and password.

4. You’re now a member!

If all the steps are complete, you now have access under your group’s subscription and will continue to enjoy access for as long as that subscription is active. Note: You do not need that group code and password again — from now on, you simply log in to using your own username and password.