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The VTS website requires that every person who accesses a subscription have their own username and password. If the subscription is a group subscription, the control of the group account will be in the hands of the administrator of that group subscription.

Here’s how it works:

The administrator controls the subscription

Each subscription grants access only to the user who purchased it. No one else may log in to the site simultaneously using these credentials.

Administrators can invite other users in

After purchase of a group subscription, the site creates a unique code and password tied to that subscription. The administrator can freely share this code and password with up to 50 of the institution’s members.  Each person joining the group must create their own accounts on the site and use the credentials to become a part of the group. (More on this under “Redeeming a Group Subscription”)

How to find your credentials

To find these credentials and to see the status of a group subscription, administrators can log in to the My Account page. Once logged in, they’ll see information pertaining to their own account and can click “Subscriptions” to view any active subscriptions.

On the Subscriptions page, click the ID number of any active subscription.

This brings up the individual subscription page, where you’ll see the subscription’s status, start date, next payment date, and then the all-important Subscription Code and Subscription Password. These are the credentials that you can send to the people you are inviting to join as members.

How to manage your members

Further down the page, you can see which and how many users have joined your subscription using the credentials you shared with them, as well as how many openings you have left. You can also delete a member from your subscription if, for example, that member is no longer part of your organization. (This will also free up spaces for more members.)

Make sure to keep your subscription active

All users who have redeemed a group subscription using your credentials enjoy the same access to teaching materials and other tools as the subscription administrator does. However, because their access is tied to the subscription, they will immediately lose access if the subscription expires or is canceled.