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*The Certification Program assesses and certifies VTS skills.   It is recommended for VTS advanced practitioners, or individuals who have been trained in and are practicing VTS as facilitators or coaches.  It is not a training program.  Please do not use this application to request a scholarship for TRAINING in VTS. 

  • The Beginner Practicum is the starting point for everyone who has not been trained in VTS, as it provides the foundations to practice in the method.  The Beginner training is followed by the Advanced Practicum, which delves deeper into advanced facilitation skills.  Facilitator Certification can be applied for after completing these two courses (your scholarship application would apply here). 
  • Following these Facilitation trainings, the VTS Coaching Workshop I & II offer instruction, support and practice in coaching others who are learning to use VTS facilitation.  Folks who enter the Coaching series should be excellent VTS facilitators, in order to be able to support those learning VTS.  Coach Certification can be applied for after completing these two courses.
  • Following facilitator and coach trainings, we can support individuals to learn to teach VTS to others, to become Trainers in the method; this individualized, scaffolded course of study can be arranged with the VTS Team. 
  • To sign up for a VTS training course, please view the schedule of public programs on our website.

We are committed to make VTS a tool for equity, inclusion and access.

If you are interested in a scholarship for Certification, complete this application BEFORE you apply for Certification.

Upon approval via email, you will receive a discount code to submit with your general application.  Scholarships may be offered as a partial or full.

We prioritize applicants from racial, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds and abilities that are currently underrepresented in the Arts and Cultural Sector.