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You are ready to complete and submit your application when you can:

  1. provide links to your uploaded YouTube image discussion videos
  2. answer application reflection questions
  3. pay your application and Certification fee. (If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, you can submit your request using our form. But you will need scholarship approval from VTS before submitting your application.)

Image discussion videos

You will need to record yourself facilitating two different VTS image discussions with two different audiences. “Different audiences” should be different age groups.

These videos do not need to be high quality. Video recorded from a phone or iPad should do the trick. We need to be able to hear your audience comments and your responses. Image discussions should be no longer than 15 minutes.

There are several tutorials online that will help you learn how to make a video on your phone.

Upload your videos to YouTube and paste the link to the videos into the application. Here’s a tutorial that will help you upload the videos and access the link you will need to plug into your application.

For application reflection questions

  • Use a separate Word document to prepare the answers to your reflection questions.*
  • Cut and paste your final responses into the formal application @ Apply Now
  • You can download the application questions for your review.

* Please note: The VTS Certification application platform does not allow you to save drafts.

VTS staff reviewers will analyze your videos and written reflections with guidance from the VTS Certified Facilitator skill-based rubric. You can review the evaluation rubric to gain insight into the specific skills and knowledge expected of a Certified Facilitator.

Evaluation of each application takes 4-6 weeks.